For the Adventure Enthusiasts

Sunndal presents unique opportunities for adventure seekers. In winter, the majestic peaks beckon with exciting ski tours, while spring, summer, and fall offer a myriad of activities. You can ascend the steep Vinnu staircase along Europe's tallest waterfall, Vinnu, or traverse spectacular mountain trails leading to iconic peaks such as Innerdalstårnet or Ekkertind. We also recommend the incredible Aursjøvegen with its winding turns, fish-rich mountain lakes, towering waterfalls, and perhaps a visit to a mountain pasture to purchase cheese, butter, and sour cream.

In the surrounding area, iconic attractions like Innerdalen and Åmotan await. Head southwest to explore the steep switchbacks of Trollstigen, or take an hour's drive to Oppdal for an adrenaline-filled rafting experience on the Driva River or a captivating muskox safari at Kongsvold. If you prefer to stay at the hotel, we recommend a hike in the tranquil and rural surroundings. Or perhaps you'd like to unwind in the hotel's delightful sauna?