The town by the Nidaros river

A trip to Trondheim is something to be treasured. Trondheim was originally the capital of Norway and was the centre of power and culture for centuries. Although Norway's government has now moved south to Oslo, Trondheim still remains a dominant force in many ways, and has a lot to offer visitors.

The town has a wonderful location on the banks of the Trondheimsfjord, surrounded by forests and hills. Legend has it that Trondheim was founded by Olav Tryggvason, one of the most influential Kings of Norway throughout history. The town has grown along the banks of the Nidelven river that still winds its lazy way through the town centre.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in Trondheim is the Nidaros Cathedral. This wonderful stone cathedral is the burial site of Olav the Holy and was the most important destination for medieval pilgrims in North Europe. Trondheim is still an important site for history, as Norway's Constitution prescribes that “the King of Norway shall be crowned in Nidaros Cathedral”.

Trondheim is home to one of the most characteristic collection of wooden buildings in Europe. At the very town centre, you will find a wonderful array of unique wooden houses, such as the Stiftsgården royal residence, one of the largest wooden buildings in the Nordic countries.

But don't be mistaken by thinking that Trondheim is just a collection of dusty old museums. The town has on several occasions been named Norway’s best town for students and has a vibrant cultural diversity and night-life with enchanting performance arts, nightclubs and restaurants.

Throughout history, Trondheim has played host to both earls and Kings. Is it not time for Trondheim to play host to you too, even if for only a few days?