Train, trolls and and mountains tops

Experience the valley with the emerald-green river Rauma, the steep mountain slopes, beautiful bridges, and lush waterfalls.

Åndalsnes, also known as Norway's "Peak Capital," is the perfect gateway to an area filled with active experiences. Here, you can hike Romsdaleseggen, enjoy the view from Rampestreken, or experience the stunning scenery from the Raumabanen train. Along the way, you can see landmarks such as Trollveggen, Kylling Bridge, and the river Rauma winding through the valley.

Øksendal is where tranquility merges with idyll, and the beauty of nature reveals itself in its most picturesque form. Take the time to experience the unique landscape and the serene atmosphere, where every moment is an invitation to discover the magnificent nature of Nordmøre.