A true gem among Norway's fjords

On the west coast of Norway. The Hardangerfjord is one of the most beautiful fjord landscapes in the world, surrounded by precipitous mountains topped with shining white glaciers where majestic waterfalls thunder over rock and verdant green hillsides.

The Hardangerfjord is the perfect destination for those seeking unique landscapes and an experience of Norwegian culture. This true gem among Norway's fjords reaches long arms all the way from the coast and 183 km inland.

The area provides varied activities all year round, from walks following historical trails through unspoilt West Norwegian landscapes, to mountaineering, paragliding high over the fjord, joining a guided hike on the glacier and snowboarding. But don't forget to sit back and take it all in – perhaps from a comfortable chair in the garden of your hotel or lying in the grass among blossoming orchards. Breathe in the delightfully fresh air and let your eyes absorb the picturesque scenery.

Hardanger has been an attractive destination for tourists and artists from all over the world for centuries. Ever since the first monks arrived here in the 14th century to grow fruit, the local people have provided visitors with authentic hospitality, delicious local food and a whole world of local culture.

It is said that visiting Hardanger will give you peace of mind no matter your age. There is no doubt that Hardanger is a destination to be experienced.