For the adventurous tourist

Are you an adventurous type? Do you enjoy beautiful scenery, culture and traditions? Then come to Voss! This well-known town in the mountains of West Norway is famous for the experiences it can offer guests, all year round.

During the summer, you can explore the mountains on short or long hikes. The mountain air is delightfully fresh and any hike will provide breathtaking views of glaciers, fjords, mountains and lakes. Go rafting on one of the world’s best rivers for river sports. Play Tarzan in the adrenaline-filled climbing park or dare to join a tandem parachute jump over delightful landscapes.

Voss is also a ski resort with two wonderful downhill ski centres and an impressive range of cross-country skiing. Skiing is fun in Voss.

As you probably have realised, the people of Voss are an adventurous and enterprising bunch with a passion for nature, culture and traditions. The village can offer delicious cuisine with local produce, particularly sheep head and cured meat. Voss plays host to an international jazz festival every year before Easter and a week of extreme sports for the more advanced.

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or prefer to enjoy the great outdoors at your own pace, do not miss out on Voss!