Surrounded by nature

At Phillipshaugen Lodge, you can stay in historic surroundings, enjoy cold refreshments, local food, and a warm sauna after a day of summiting.

The hotel serves as a perfect base for steep summer hikes in Trollheimen and Sunndalsfjella, located just 50 minutes from Molde Airport. Right outside the door, you'll find some of the world's highest coastal mountains with airy but safe trails reaching up to 1800 meters above sea level. Øksendalen and Sunndalsfjella in Nordmøre are situated between Trollheimen and Romsdalsalpene. Here, you'll discover alpine mountain trails leading to classics like Innerdalstårnet, Ekkertind, and Litjkalken, as well as shorter hikes like Flaggnuten, Åsbrona, and Kongelhjellan, offering fantastic exercise and breathtaking views.

In the steep Litjdalen, you'll find the airy railway track Toppheis, a cultural relic from the construction of Aura Power Plant. Alongside Europe's highest waterfall, the world's longest Sherpa staircase is under construction, already gaining popularity among the locals. 

Hiking Package includes:

🗻 2 nights in the chosen room
🗻 Dinner both days
🗻 Breakfast both days
🗻 Packed lunch
🗻 2-hour sauna package

The Sauna package includes 2 hours of private sauna time, the chef's tapas, a glass of red wine or beer, bathrobe and towel, 1 bottle of water, and essential oils. You can arrange the sauna booking time at the reception upon arrival.

If you desire a guide for your summit hike, we recommend contacting [email protected].