In the footsteps of the vikings

For as long as Norwegians can remember, Haugesund and Haugalandet have set the standard for so many aspects of life – from how our nation should be organised  to what films we should watch at the cinema.

The peninsula of Haugalandet was the power base for Norway for centuries. The nation’s most powerful chieftains and Kings held court here. It was therefore a natural choice when Harald Hårfagre set up his court in Avaldsnes on the island of Karmøy after the battle of Hafrsfjord. Nowadays, visitors can experience the life of a Viking for a day and visit a Viking farm.

The town of Haugesund has a charming array of festivals, particularly in August. This is when both the Norwegian Film Festival and the Sildajazz festival take place. Just north of the town centre is the Haraldshaugen monument, thought to be the true burial site of Harald Hårfagre.

Experience the power of one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls, Langfoss. Go island hopping around one of the smallest and most fascinating municipalities in Norway, Utsira. If you head the wrong way from the outermost coast of Utsira, your next site of land will be England.

And we must not forget Skudeneshavn. This tiny village on the coast with its narrow streets, idyllic harbour and delightful, white wooden buildings is one of the best preserved old towns in Europe. You could also say that this region is one of the best preserved secrets in Norway. Pay us a visit to find out why.