Mother Nature made a bold statement when she created Nordfjord and Sunnfjord

Whether you climb high or stay in the valleys, winter or summer, you are guaranteed a fascinating and comfortable stay.

This area is full of superlatives: Hornindalsvannet lake, with the deepest waters in Europe; Jostedalsbreen glacier, the longest stretch of blue ice on the continent – and there’s more. Skåla is the highest peak in North Europe to dip its feet in the sea and can also boast the most remarkable tourist lodge in Norway, if not in Europe – Skålatårnet or more correctly Kloumanstårnet tower. This stone tower has been built at the very top of Skåla and provides a wonderful shelter for those who have ascended to the 1,848 metre peak.

Visit Kråkenes lighthouse, take in the majestic sight of the Stadthavet ocean from Vestkapp and go cycling on quiet roads. From a hike over Jostedalsbreen glacier, you can descend an arm of the glacier into Sunnfjord to visit the home of artist Nikolai Astrup in Jølster, a delightful village on the banks of the 30.5 km long Jølstravatnet lake. This area can provide every imaginable type of extreme sports, and has wonderful culinary traditions – why not sample some homemade cooking in Sande?

One of the true highlights of this region is Via Ferrata Loen with Europe’s longest suspension bridge, a fascinating experience. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, Nordfjord and Sunnfjord can offer true superlatives – not least in enjoyment.