Explore Northern Norway

Welcoming, wild and wonderful: Welcome to Helgeland - a coastal and mountainous paradise in the southern parts of Northern Norway.

Spend your time between 2,000 meters high mountains and a coast with one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos, with a unique coastal culture that got Helgeland on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Clear blue waters, chalk-white sandy beaches, the midnight sun, lively birds and a salty sea breeze to clear your mind. Immerse yourself in tranquillity and beautiful scenery!

Mosjøen is the oldest town in Helgeland, and lucky for you, the town's oldest hotel is an attraction in itself. Fru Haugans Hotel has welcomed its guests since 1794, and is beautifully situated on the banks of the river Vesna. The scenic adventures start as soon as you step outside the hotel, and the opportunities are endless. 

Get on the local speedboat "Nordlandsekspressen" and visit the charming islands with small, unique and highly vibrant local communities. North of the Helgeland coast, you will find the island of Støtt, an authentic trading post where fourth-generation owners welcome you with seafood straight from the sea and share stories about the people who have lived close to nature for generations along the weathered coast.

Discover the wonderful archipelago. Discover the wild mountain kingdom. Discover the welcoming locals. Discover the wilderness, the glaciers, the fjords and the fairytale mountains. In short: Discover Helgeland.