Egersund and Sogndalstrand does not have tourists, it has guests

Egersund is a picturesque port on the coast south of Stavanger. The town boasts a rich history - A thousand years ago the port was full of viking ships. Today Egersund is Norway's largest fishing port. 

30 kilometres south of Egersund you find Sogndalstrand. The village is like a cultural time capsule. The tiny, characteristic wooden buildings in the preserved landscape house cultural centres, grocery stores and other charming places to visit.

Blink and you might miss the turn off for the village. This former sea port provided a natural harbour during the era of sailing. When road transport took over as the main form of infrastructure, the status of Sogndalstrand as an important transport hub was challenged, and the people of the village started to move to more central towns.

The coastal waters in this part of Norway are particularly harsh and rugged, and there are few shelters from a sudden storm, so Sogndalstrand remains a popular harbour. Sogndalstrand is the only protected “town” in Norway. We use the word “town” metaphorically as you will not find a bustling urban setting here with high-rise buildings, traffic and chain stores. Sogndalstrand is a member of the Cittaslow movement, promoting quality of life in towns by slowing down the overall pace. To be a member, you must be committed to encouraging high quality local food and drink, general conviviality and the opposition to cultural standardisation, making member sites a delight to visit.

As a Cittaslow member, Sogndalstrand does not have tourists, it has guests. We welcome you as a guest of Sogndalstrand.