De Historiske is helping to make tourism more sustainable!

For generations, many of De Historiske’s member hotels and restaurants have sought to offer their guests a flavour of Norway’s history – ideally with local ingredients, cultural history and a distinctive style of hospitality.

For our members to deliver on this, Norway’s brand as a tourism destination must nurture the country’s unique natural and cultural values.

This is why cooperation in the tourism industry is important, and De Historiske has contributed to and is a signatory to the “Roadmap for Norway’s tourism industry”. The industry holds enormous potential for low-emission solutions, is labour intensive, touches on many economic sectors along the value chain, and can nurture Norway’s natural and cultural capital by shifting towards greener, cross-sectoral and experience-based hospitality.

This is important for De Historiske, and our hotels and restaurants enable our guests to experience architectural styles, historical buildings and local food, and enjoy friendly, genuine and innovative hospitality.

De Historiske’s members are representatives of both authentic experiences and genuine Norwegian traditions, and take pride in nurturing nature, culture and the environment of their home town. Our members work continuously to reduce food waste, develop menus in close collaboration with local producers and suppliers, exploit geothermal and seawater heating, offer their guests bikes to explore the local area, etc. This is sustainability in practice, and De Historiske has also been certified by Miljøfyrtårn – the Eco-lighthouse foundation – ensuring continuous development in the best interests of the environment.