The archipelago by the Arctic Circle

Lofoten is a sight for sore eyes. The view of the islands with their sharply pointing, serrated peaks stretching towards the skies, plummeting down over green slopes to the beaches and ocean is a sight you will never forget.  

Lofoten is located in the county of Nordland, just north of the Arctic Circle and on the west coast, out facing the ocean. The largest islands – Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, Moksnesøy – are all cut off from the mainland by the Vestfjord, but are connected by bridges and subsea tunnels.

This archipelago can offer truly memorable outdoor experiences. It is impossible to get bored in such a wild, beautiful and varied landscape. You can go hiking, climbing, fishing, deep-sea rafting, diving and surfing.

From mid July, Lofoten is bathed in the wonderful midnight sun, and between September and April, you may often catch sight of the breathtaking Northern Lights.

The Viking Museum in Borg on Vestvågøy island is well worth a visit. The museum contains the remains of the longest building ever found from the Viking Age. The reconstruction of the old chieftain's house is an impressive sight.

However, most visitors come to Lofoten to explore its wild and beautiful landscapes. Lonely Planet put it quite perfectly: “The beauty of this place is simply staggering.”