Bergen is a state of mind

Where breathtaking West Norwegian scenery meets history, culture and a vibrant town centre. Bergen is not just a town; it is a state of mind. A state of mind you will not want to leave behind.

Bergen loves to have visitors, and has been attracting travellers throughout the ages. In its earliest days, visitors to the town were mainly people from North Norway arriving in sloops filled to the brim with fish and members of the Hanseatic League, both coming to trade. Now 2.7 million people travel every year from every corner of the world to visit Bergen. 

It is easy to understand how Bergen is such a popular destination. Its compact and historic town centre is overflowing with history. The majority of historic attractions are all centred around Vågen bay and within walking distance. The town also has a vibrant musical and cultural life, an impressive range of restaurants and nightclubs and several internationally acclaimed museums, all making the town worth a visit in any season.

Bergen was the most important town in the Nordic countries up to the 17th century, and most locals from Bergen still feel this is true.