Welcome to Phillipshaugen Lodge

Experience a unique journey back in time and enjoy the majestic Øksendal from the historic Phillipshaugen Lodge. Built in 1899 by Ethelbert Lort Phillip, this gem of a building is filled with charm and epic stories from the early 1800s when British tourists flocked to the valley to explore the magnificent opportunities for fishing, hunting, climbing, and outdoor activities.

Phillipshaugen Lodge is the ultimate starting point for unforgettable experiences throughout the year, whether you're seeking adventure in the peaks or wanting to embrace the tranquil atmosphere. The living room's panoramic views open up to majestic mountains, allowing you to soak in the historical atmosphere while relaxing in classic sitting areas and chesterfield furniture in front of one of the crackling fireplaces.

With 11 bedrooms of hand-hewn timber, the Lodge offers an authentic experience with historical charm. Guests can also enjoy modern conveniences such as a sauna, bonfire area, free parking, internet, and a charming outdoor restaurant surrounded by a lush garden. For those seeking extra tranquility, the hotel also offers a newer building with 15 modern bedrooms, as well as the charming cabin "Madagaskar," tucked away to provide you with complete peace and relaxation.

Not far away, iconic attractions await, including Trollstigen, the Atlantic Road, Dovrefjell, the Sherpa steps along Europe's highest waterfall Vinnu, Innerdalen – known as Norway's most beautiful valley, Nordmøre's answer to Preikestolen, Ekkertind, and the spectacular Aursjøvegen with the steep Aurstupet.