A memorable experience

Bring your family, friends or loved one to Lofoten and experience the calmness and peace under the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights also called the Aurora Borealis, is a magical phenomenon and nature's most spectacular light show. People come from all corners of the world traveling to Lofoten to experience this light phenomenon. Lofoten's location and lines of sight allow us to see the Northern Lights in all directions.

Lofoten consists of several smaller and larger islands that stretch from Norway’s mainland into the Norwegian Sea. The archipelago is located in the middle of the center of the Northern Lights Oval, is where the Northern Lights appear in the zenith when it is at a medium to maximum activity. Low activity usually stays north of the archipelago, but is visible as long as there is clear weather in the direction it occurs.

Lofoten is lucky to have several local and very skilled Northern Lights guides who are passionate about the Northern Lights and photography. Even though the forecast has predicted the Northern Lights to make its appearance, you may not be able to see it from your accommodation. The local guides usually find the Northern Lights even in cloudy weather if the climatic conditions are right. They know the archipelago well, have a very good understanding of the climatic variations, and find the best locations to experience the Northern Lights according to the reported weather conditions.

Several of the roads in Lofoten are narrow and winding and as a visitor, it can therefore be challenging to drive on some of the roads. During the Northern Lights season, there can also be quite demanding driving conditions due to night frost, snow and mild weather. The local Northern Lights guides know the roads and driving conditions very well and have the necessary insurances and licenses in order.

The Northern Lights can often be seen from the 20th of August to mid-April.