Stop for a while, take a break and experience life at Fossheim

There’s no disputing that Fossheim is in a remote corner of the world, tucked under high peaks and steep mountainsides in Lom. But don’t rush past Lom: stop for a while, take a break and experience life at Fossheim.

The hotel started out as a posting inn, opened in 1897 by the family Th. Garmo and is now run by the third and fourth generations of the same family.

Timber houses, built in harmony with good building tradition, and the hotel’s art and antiques help to create a special atmosphere you are sure to enjoy. A large courtyard with several old timber houses adds a special flavour, and we are particularly proud of our very best cottage – Gaukstadstugu – which is one of Norway's best-preserved 17th-century timber houses. 

You might sense a tempting fragrance from the kitchen, alluring you down to the dining room. Ever since 1978 when Svein Garmo took over the wheel from his brother and started running the hotel, the hotel's main focus has been food and the use of local ingredients. Together with Arne Brimi that started in the kitchen the same year Svein took over, they built what is known as one of Norways best hotel kitchens.