Useful information about the package deals

Choose the trip that suits you best

In our cider safari package deals, you may choose to start the trip in Lofthus or in Odda. It’s up to you whether you choose a noon package or an afternoon package, or if you would like to visit one or several cider farms. If you are looking for accommodation, we have two different packages that include dinner and overnight accommodation at Hotel Ullensvang or Utne Hotel. We offer single tickets to the fjord cruise as well. Every Friday, we also offer a package deal which includes tasting on board the boat.

The packages which include several cider farms, also include lunch consisting of local delights from Hardanger. You may also purchase food and drinks at the boat.

Find an overview of our current package deals here.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be non-alcoholic options?
The producers stock several different products, often non-alcoholic options as well.

How do I get to Odda/Lofthus?
From Bergen bus terminal (Platform O) bus 925 departs to Nordheimsund at 07:25. The bus corresponds with a boat departing at 09:00 from Nordheimsund, arriving Lofthus at 10:15. The route is running until 16th of August.

See Skyss for other local routes.

Can I bring children?
Yes. Children only pay for the fjord cruise. If you want to book the package deals which include cider farm visits, you need to make a separate cruise booking for the children.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome on board the cruise and at the cider farms, but not allowed inside during the tasting. The dog needs to be on a leash.

Will there be meal service at the boat?
Yes, you can purchase both food and beverage on the boat.

How long does the fjord cruise last?
The roundtrip lasts about three hours. Route information is included in the package deals.

Can we hop on and off the boat?
The various packages have a set schedule that needs to be followed. Upon booking of the fjord cruises, the ticket is only valid for the given departure/route. It is not possible to hop on and off the boat.

The exception is upon booking of fjord cruise with cider tasting on board. It is up to you if you prefer to hop on and off the boat before or after the tasting.

How do we get to the different cider farms?
There will be a designated meeting place in the different harbours, and maps with an overview of the cider farms will be handed out. At Aga, the producer will greet you by the docks. There are signs and maps in Naa and Lofthus.

What about parking spaces by the harbour in Odda/Lofthus?
Odda: Parking by Almerket Parkering.
Lofthus: Parking by the harbour.

Can we purchase the cider?
The cider farms have outlets offering various alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. NB! Unfortunately, there will be no outlets on Sundays.

Can I purchase tickets on the boat?
All packages which include cider tasting, need to be booked in advance. We close for the booking of these at 22:00 the night before. The fjord cruises may be booked on the boat.

Please keep in mind that smoking is not permitted on board.