The cider farms

Aga Sideri

Joar Aga was born and raised in Hardanger, and in 2018 he bought his childhood home in Aga in Ullensvang. The emphasis on apples was only natural, as cider production in Hardanger has taken place through generations. He first entered the cider competition during Hardanger Cider Festival in 2017, where he won the amateur class.

This inspired him to take the next step, and he won the professional’s class in 2018 with Lagmann cider. It acquired its name from the neighbouring Agatunet, situated 50 metres from the cider farm, with roots dating back to the Viking Period.


Åkre farm – Edel

Åkre is located on the western side of Sørfjorden in Ullensvang Herad in Hardanger, and benefits from the mild and nice Western Norwegian climate. The farm’s location is optimal for the production of the best of apples for a subacid, fresh and balanced apple juice and cider.

The farm is run by Arita and Gjermund Åkre, with help from the senior generation – Marit and Olav. Throughout the years, the farm has produced fruit as well as meat, but today, they focus on producing apple juice and cider. Quality, flavour, locally produced, organic, natural and elegant are among the keywords of the production, and we are positive that this is reflected in the flavour.

Edel Cider Farm was awarded with two golds and two silvers at CiderWorld in Frankfurt, and along with Ulvik Frukt & Cideri, they emerged victorious in the respective categories “Modern Cider” and “Premium Carbonated Cider” during the International Cider Competition 2019, which was held at San Sebastian in Spain.



Alavoll Frukt og Sidergård

Alavoll is situated on a moraine just above Lofthus. Apples, pears, plums, honey, apple juice and Hardanger cider are produced here, on 66 decares of moraine soil. At the site, there have been discovered several burial grounds, and a runestone dating back to year 300, namely the “Opedal Stone”. Here, Harald Alavoll will guide you through various types of cider, tell about the production and traditions, and give a tour around the site.


Lofthus Ekspedisjon

Lofthus Ekspedisjon is located in Lofthus in Hardanger, in the cellar of the Tunvoll building. The brewery opened on the 19th of June 2009, uniting classical building techniques from Hardanger with modern production tools and professional standing. True Hardanger beer and cider are brewed here. Head brewer Fredrik Opedal vouches for both quality and flavour.


Bleie farm - Alde

“Alde” is an old name for apple in the Hardanger region, and apples have been cultivated at Bleie Gård since the fruit reached the fjord. The tradition of pressing apples goes far back in time. But in the old days, the juice was a fresh produce that the farmers only could enjoy for a few days, until it turned into cider. Today, apple farmer and cider producer Olav Bleie pasteurises the fresh juice at 78 degrees and cools it down immediately to maintain the fresh flavour, so that we may enjoy it like the few lucky ones did back in the days.


Kvestad Sideri

Beneath Folgefonna in Hardanger, you will find Kvestad Sideri. Kvestad is located approximately 220 metres above sea level, where apples and cider have been produced for generations. Kvestad Sideri AS is a family business run by Ellen and Haakon, their daughters Hilde and Marianne, and their partners Andre and Olav Arne, as well as their cousin Ole Kristian. They produce a cider called “1808”, which is made up of four different varieties of apples; grabenstein, aroma, summered, and discovery. The cider is demi-sec and sparkling.


Store Naa Siderkompani

The cider brewery at Store Naa is situated 200 metres from the main house at the grange. The brewery was originally an old henhouse which lay fellow since 2009.

The farming has changed over time, but fruit harvest and livestock farming have always existed here. According to the books, there were seven sheep, one pig and 150 apple trees, cherry trees, and plum trees in the early 50s. In the mid 90s, there were 7500 chickens and 1500 apple trees, cherry trees and plumtrees.

The cider brewery provides Erik and his team with 350 square metres where they can make the “57/2”, while also develop and test new products.


Helleland gard

Helleland gard & Heldre sider is just a ten-minute walk from the center of Lofthus along the Hellelandsvegen. From the farm outlet you can purchase apple juice and cider from the garden, as well as other local produce such as jam, hermetic fruit and honey.



The family farm is situated on the eastern side of Sørfjorden in Sekse, amid one of Norway’s largest and oldest fruit districts. Here they carry on the tradition of producing apple juice and cider from quality apples, ripened in the Hardanger way.

The guys grew up on the farm and emphasise tradition, craftmanship and history. Several varieties of apples and fruits are used in the production. Some of the apples are of their own produce, while the rest is supplied by knowledgeable and skilled farmers from the local area.

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