Enjoy the weekend and each other

In the scenic village Lom, everything is set for a unique experience with your loved one. High mountain peaks and deep valleys surround the National Park Village.

The Fossheim kitchen serves you a gourmet experience presented in a 4 and 6 course menu. Hotel owner and wine connoisseur Svein Garmo carefully selects the evenings wine package. It harmonizes perfectly with the different flavors in the menu.

Enjoy the weekend and each other. Hand in hand, you can enjoy fresh pastries from the unique bakery and Morten Schackenda. Even more, visit the over 800 year old stave church, a visit to the Norwegian Mountain Museum or a stroll around Presthaugen, an outdoor village museum.

The gateway to three national parks! Fossheim and Lom is ideally situated for hiking in Jotunheimen, Reinheimen and Breheimen, and here you will find hikes for all levels. Either you want to take a stroll along the village trail or climb a new peak every day, we can help you on your way to achieving your goals. 

Package includes:
· Sparkling wine in your room at arrival
· Fossheim grouse menu on the first day
· 6-course Fossheim menu on the second day
· Breakfast and accommodation in superior room (two nights minimum)