Mountains, valleys, glaciers and emerald green lakes

The scenery in Stryn is nothing short of breathtaking.

With steep waterfalls, deep valleys, towering mountains, and emerald green waters, it's no wonder that images from Stryn circulate around the world on social media. With the magnificent nature as your backdrop, there's a wide range of activities right outside the hotel door.

This package includes accommodation at Visnes Hotel in Stryn and packed lunches and top-up thermoses that you can take with you on your new adventures. The experienced hosts are happy to help you plan your trip based on your preferences and starting point. Take a day trip to Skålatårnet, Lodalskåpa, Slogen, or Hornindalsrokken. The valleys in Stryn, such as Erdalen in Oppstryn or Lodalen and Oldedalen, also offer many beautiful hikes. Or try some shorter enjoyable hikes, like to Raksætra in Loen and to Segestad on Hjelle in Oppstryn.

Upon returning from your adventures, it's great to "land" at the hotel. The restaurant is open every evening in the summer, and tables can be reserved in advance. The restaurant and balcony are a natural meeting point in the evenings, and after a good night's sleep, breakfast is served in the historic dining hall where the hosts will welcome you to a good start to the day with home-baked bread and a chat about the day's excursion. 

Hiking package includes:

🌿 Accommodation for a minimum of 2 nights
🌿 Breakfast, packed lunch, and thermos refill
🌿 Expert hiking tips from experienced hosts
🌿 Free access to service room for drying clothes and shoes.

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