Cancellation insurance for round trips

If the customer has taken out cancellation insurance at the time of booking the trip, he/she is entitled to cancel the trip without payment, minus the cost of the cancellation insurance in the following situations:

Cancellation insurance entitles the customer to cancel the trip in the event of a sudden and serious illness, accident or death within the household or immediate family (spouse, common-law spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law or siblings) which prevents the customer from travelling or implies that it would not be safe for the customer to travel. Such a situation shall be documented by means of a doctor's certificate, issued on a form approved by the Norwegian Medical Association and the Norwegian association for the tourism industry. The cost of cancellation insurance is not refunded.

The entitlement to cancel a trip also applies to other persons travelling with the customer, if the incident has an impact on these persons and it is not reasonable to demand that these persons take the trip without the person affected accompanying them. Documentation regarding the reason for cancellation must be presented at the latest one month after the incident occurred. If a customer has purchased a trip for which the price is based on two or more persons sleeping in the same room, cabin or apartment, the cancellation insurance will cover any supplements which would apply due to the fact that the customer is not able to take the trip.

Cancellation insurance also applies to incidents of a sudden and serious nature and which the customer was neither aware of nor should have been aware of when the agreement regarding the trip was entered into, and where it is not reasonable to expect the customer to take the trip. An example of such a situation is significant damage to private property. These situations shall be documented by means of a police report or confirmation from the insurance company.

In the event of cancellation, payment of refunds can be expected within one week of the date of cancellation.