A very special place

Welcome to Store Ringheim!

The special ambience of the collection of old farm buildings around a courtyard in an area of cultivated countryside nestling among high mountains, all combined with a high standard of comfort and style, makes this a very special place.

The hotel is located in the old farmhouse on a farm that has been in the Ringheim family since 1778. There are a total of six rooms in cosy farmhouse style yet with a contemporary feel, and each room has a modern tiled bathroom with shower. The most historic room is in the old Eldhuset, which is more than 300 years old.

All the food served in the restaurant is prepared from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Guests can choose from a changing daily menu or dine à la carte.

Located in a gently rolling area of cultivated countryside just 1.4 km from the small town of Voss and 2 km from the Voss Resort ski facility, we also offer ski packages in winter.

In summer we offer guided forest and mountain walks with the ‘farmer’ himself, Svein Ringheim. These can incorporate fishing, berry or mushroom picking, and perhaps a stop on the summer mountain pasture belonging to the farm.

We look forward to welcoming you for a memorable stay at Store Ringheim.