A real-life fairy-tale

Originally a parsonage, Bårdshaug Herregård (Bårdshaug Manor) was purchased by architect, consul, and businessman Christian Thams in the 1890s. Known as a founding member of designing and exporting log buildings, Thams translated his work into rebuilding and renovating Bårdshaug Herregård to become a distinctive manor home. He was responsible for designing homes for many cultural luminaries including Brigitte Bardot, King Leopold of Belgium, and Eiffel tower designer Gustav Eiffel.

Leave modern life behind for a day and stay the night in the historical manor from the beginning of last century. Feel the atmosphere from a time long gone when you enter what was once the family home of Orkdalens most prominent family.

After a long day, you can relax in one of the lounges in the hotel lobby, or in Jaktbaren – the hunt bar – decorated with trophies, weapons and photographs from Christian Thams' many travels in Africa.

The story of Bårdshaug Herregård is a real-life fairy-tale; the story of a family – and one man in particular – who refused to allow narrow-mindedness to prevail but used his vision and drive to realise a number of successful undertakings.