Unique accommodation, living history

Det Lille Hotel ("The Little Hotel") comprises 9 double rooms in the city's historic Customs House and 19 hotel suites located in meticulously restored, historic buildings spread throughout one of the world's best-preserved wooden towns. Each suite boasts a unique theme that recounts Risør's rich maritime history.

Some suites are perfect for couples, offering a cozy and romantic ambiance, often featuring a fireplace. Others are spacious and grand, with banquet halls suitable for larger gatherings. Fifteen of these suites are situated in the heart of Risør town within buildings dating back to the 1850s, while four are located in Buvika, nestled in a protected house from 1750 - beautifully positioned by the sea and Risør Boat Builder.

For those visiting early in the season before summer, an additional option is to spend a few nights in "The Consulate," a former clockmaker's residence built in 1863. This unique accommodation includes an original wine cellar, a dining room, a bedroom with a fireplace, and a beautiful garden with a pool.

In May 2023, the hotel expanded with a new location at Strandgata 10. The old Customs House (Toldboden) has been transformed into a hotel featuring 9 luxurious double rooms and a reception on the ground floor. Among the new additions is Tollboden 1865, one of our new restaurants.

The hotel's founders drew inspiration from their passion for the city's rich maritime history, maritime antiques, and captivating interior design, a journey that spanned 30 years of development. Since the Bertelsen family assumed ownership of the hotel in 2021, it has undergone expansion with the Customs House and two restaurants. It now offers ample capacity for hosting larger conferences, weddings, and other events. Conveniently located near shops and restaurants, the hotel also provides electric bikes for rent, making it an ideal hub for exploring Risør by bike.

The hotel has been honored with the Olavsrosa by Norwegian Cultural Heritage and the County Municipality's Building Preservation Prize.