Statholdergaarden is one of Osloʼs best restaurants

Statholdergaarden is Bent Stiansen's gourmet restaurant. In 1993, Bent Stiansen became the world master of the culinary contest, Bocuse d`Or. He and his team have developed Statholdergaarden into one of Oslo's and Norway's best restaurants. 

Each day Bent Stiansen and chef Torbjørn Forster create a six-course gourmet menu full of surprises. The menu varies according to the time of the year and we pride ourselves on using Norwegian produce when it is at its best.

Statholdergaarden lies in Osloʼs historic quarter, ʻKvadraturenʼ [the quadrature], and the building dates from 1640. Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve, the King's Statholder or Steward, lived in the house at the end of the 17th century and gave his title to the restaurant. The beautiful stucco ceilings date from the 18th century and are considered the most beautiful of their kind in Norway. 

Statholderens Food & Wine
Statholderens Food & Wine cellar is the more informal restaurant, which lies below Statholdergaarden in the original, white, seventeenth century vaulted cellar. Their speciality is an exciting seasonal menu, the theme of which changes every seventh week.