Welcome to Grefsenkollen

Grefsenkollen is a spacious log cabin situated atop Oslo, offering a spectacular view of the city and the fjord. Erected in 1926 by Ringnes Bryggeri, this building encapsulates a harmonious blend of history and tradition, providing exquisite food and drinks amidst stunning natural surroundings. Grefsenkollen is also celebrated for its rich cultural offerings, playing host to a variety of events, including the OverOslo music festival, which draws in an impressive 36,000 visitors every summer.

At Grefsenkollen, you are warmly welcomed, whether you arrive as a restaurant patron, festival attendee, meeting participant, or wedding guest. Alternatively, if you simply drop by for a cinnamon bun and hot cocoa, a pleasant moment around a bonfire, or a cold beer and homemade pizza on the terrace.

The restaurant is open every day during the summer months and on most days throughout the winter season. Experience the charm of Grefsenkollen, where history, hospitality, and nature converge to create a memorable visit.