The original restaurant was built in 1916

Ekebergrestauranten is located in the hills just above Oslo, with a stunning view of the inner Oslo fjord, the city and the Operahouse. The cuisine at Ekebergrestauranten is a blend of the modern and the classic. What they offer from day to day will always depend on the availability of ingredients and they never compromise when it comes to quality. 

In 1927 the Oslo architect Lars Backer won the competition to design the new Ekebergrestauranten. The original restaurant was built as early as 1916, by Tiedemanns tobacco factory. Two years after the competition, in 1929, one of Europeʼs foremost buildings in the Functionalist style was complete, to the delight of all the people of Oslo. 

Today it is a listed building, and any renovation work is based on the idea of cherishing the classic style but modernising it for a new age.