Picturesque surroundings

A country lane winds majestically into the deep forest. In the middle of magnificent nature, and the mystery of the woods, Losby Gods emerges. The manor reveals itself surrounded by a calm, and a harmony you have never experienced before. You have entered the heart of the countryside, where rustic charm meets dark mystique of the forest. Losby Gods a large country estate, steeped in over 160 years of history, elegancy and tradition.

The original property tells the story of 300 years of the ups and downs of the timber trade, while as a large house, Losby dates from the mid-19th century, bringing together the old days and the new in a modern hotel experience.

Both royalty and the upper classes came here to hunt, and the manor was described as a place where guests were treated to extravagant hospitality, a tradition the current hosts seek to continue.

The estate’s main attraction is its own golf facility with one 18-hole and one nine-hole course. There is also a driving range and tennis courts.