An architectural gem

Welcome to Hurdalsjøen Hotel & Spa – an architectural gem beautifully mirrored in Hurdalsjøen, just 25 minutes from Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Hurdalsjøen Hotel is situated in a haven of natural wonders, with the lake and valley sheltered by forest-covered hills that conceal a treasure trove of wildlife and plant life. Few are aware that you can experience the northern lights, moose, deer, beavers, and cranes just an hour outside Oslo!

Experience ultimate tranquility in the hotel's spa department, offering a large heated therapy pool with waterfalls, water massage, and a bubble bed. The department includes both indoor and outdoor saunas, as well as a variety of different treatments. Relax while enjoying the panoramic view of the beautiful Hurdalsjøen.

In the hotel's restaurant, indulge in culinary experiences where the kitchen uses seasonal local ingredients to serve the most exquisite dishes. The hotel's location in the heart of the food bowl is naturally reflected in the menu. As soon as the snow melts, the hotel's herb garden comes to life, and through late summer and fall, mushrooms and berries are harvested from the surrounding forests. The lakes are rich in fish, and local suppliers provide access to game, beef, and lamb. A masterful conclusion to each meal is crafted by the hotel's own pastry chef. Welcome to a taste experience beyond the ordinary!