Lots to experience at Granavollen

Staying at Granavolden Hotel & Guesthouse provides opportunities for a number of exciting adventures.

The landscape is reminiscent of Tuscany in Italy, and walking along the Pilgrim’s path towards St. Petri Church is an experience in itself. On your way, you pass Presteenkesetet Sjo (the vicar’s widow’s house) built in the Empire style of 1795. In the garden there is a stone with cupmarks (sacrificial stone) showing that people lived at Granavollen more than 3,000 years ago.

The original 12th century crucifix still hangs in St. Petri Church (Tingelstad Old Church).

At Tingelstad you can also find Hadeland Folkemuseum which houses more than 30 old buildings from the last 300 years.   One of the most important burial mounds in Norway is also found there. 

Just west of the guest house you will find Gran Prestegårdshagen vicarage garden. The garden was created in the 18th century and was linked to the church and the vicar who lived at the vicarage. Gran municipality took over the 6000m2 garden in 1997. The garden has been tidied up and restored and everyone is welcome.  It is a lovely destination for a walk and a place of peace and contemplation. 

The Stone House is also linked to the vicarage and is one of the only secular stone buildings from the Middle Ages that has been preserved in rural Norway today.

Two kilometres west of the guest house is the characteristic Sølvsberget, an old volcano (493 m above sea level). On top of it you will find the remains of a large fortress from the Iron Age. There is a marked trail from the car park on Sølvsbergveien road. 

The nearest neigbours are the 11th century "Sister churches".

More things to do:

- Glasslåven Arts Centre 
- Granavollen Pilgrim Centre
- Hadeland Folkemuseum regional museum
- Hadeland Glassverk
- Kistefos Museum