A special place

Høyevarde lighthouse was constructed in 1700 and has long been an important lighthouse in the Karmsund strait, previously known as 'Nordvegen' - the north passage.

The present lighthouse dates from 1858 and comprises a lighthouse keeper's house, customs building, boathouse, warehouse and wood-fired bakery.

In 1700 Heinrich Petersen Ysted was granted a royal licence to operate the lighthouse at Høyevarde.

Høyevarde lighthouse is located in approx. 6 hectares of virgin landscape; a hidden, unspoiled treasure within the Hydro facility on Karmøy.

Høyevarde offers comfortable guest rooms, a spectacular meeting room, an elegant dining room, attractive gardens and – last but not least – peace and tranquillity.

The area also boasts a Bronze Age grave dating from 1500 BC.

Høyevarde is mentioned in British history books because the Earl of Bothwell, the lover of Mary, Queen of Scots, was taken prisoner here after he fled from Scotland.

All of Høyevarde is protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Cuisine: Høyevarde’s kitchen is run by Lothes Mat & Vinhus. We use only the freshest ingredients, and our menus change with the seasons. We're passionate about using local ingredients, and we have our own sheep, hens, beehive and herb garden. Seafood from 'the sea to the west' is a particular favourite!