Discover Hardanger

For those who love the outdoors, Ulvik is the perfect destination. There are plenty of hiking trails in the surrounding mountains, including the popular Queen's Trail (Dronningstien), which offers breathtaking views of the fjord. Visitors can also try their hand at fishing in the fjord or nearby rivers for trout and salmon.

Ulvik is also known for its fruit orchards, particularly its apples and pears. Visitors can tour the orchards and learn about the cultivation of these delicious fruits. In addition, the village hosts an annual fruit and cider festival in the fall, where visitors can sample local food and drink.

For those interested in culture and history, Ulvik has several attractions worth exploring. The Ulvik Church, a beautiful wooden church dating back to the 1800s, is located in the village center and is a must-see for visitors. The Ulvik Municipal Museum showcases the history and culture of the region and is a fascinating place to learn about the local way of life.

Finally, Ulvik offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and pampering. Enjoy the indoor swimming pool, sauna, and fitness center, and cuddle up with a good book in the cozy lounge with a fireplace and a library.