A fairy-tale castle on the bare mountain

In 1894 it was decided to build a railway between Christiania (now Oslo) and Bergen. In 1902 the construction road was ready as far up as Finse and there was a need for somewhere for the workers to stay overnight. The first ‘hotel’ at Finse was viewed as not much more than a shelter for bad weather, but soon the tourists started coming too. The Norwegian state decided to build a mountain lodge in the same location, which was completed at Easter 1909. The need for overnight accommodation increased after the opening of the Bergen Line, and the first extension was built as early as the lodge’s first year in business. The hotel at Finse emerged like a fairy-tale castle on the bare mountain.

The hotel has survived bombs and grenades, hurricanes, and changing travel and holiday patterns. Today Finse 1222 is a high-quality hotel offering fantastic walking, first-class cuisine, outstanding service and a unique historical ambience. The only way to get here is by train, which creates a very special feeling of being cocooned from the outside world. Coming to Finse is like entering a different world. It’s to do with the climate. The mountains. The absence of all those things you normally surround yourself with. The presence of something much bigger.