Dating back to the 1800s

In the small fishing village of Espevær, outside Bømlo, is the historic restaurant named Gamleposten. The island has 85 inhabitants and is widely known for its quaint, appealing, well-kept houses and gardens. Espevær gained its prosperity from the fishing industry and the many restored old houses testify to the historic past and uniqueness of the community.

Gamleposten is idyllically situated within two wooden farmhouses dating back to 1800 and 1868. The people living on this coast of Norway were industrious and hardworking, and always found ways to make a living, even in the hardest of times.

After losing her husband at sea in 1919, the widow Sjurina Mehus started up a post office and pharmacy in Gamleposten to support her family. These houses opened up the island to the world, through letters, newspapers and packages.

The courtyard and buildings have been restored by the siblings Torstein, Rollaug and Silje, who have made it into a unique and special local restaurant. The vision for the Gamleposten is to provide diners with a feast to inspire the soul. These feasts bring together local traditions, tastes and the history of the island’s people.

The restaurant uses fresh local produce to provide a unique and enjoyable experience. Torstein, Rollaug and Silje were born and brought up on the island and wholeheartedly open their doors to welcome you as their guests.

Activities and experiences
The old post office has been restored to its original state where visitors can enjoy a guided tour. Guided tours can also be made to the museum Hummerparken (Lobster farm, 1887) and the Baadehuset which is a trading house from the middle of the 19th century. Visitors can also enjoy an art gallery on the island and there are several places to swim and enjoy great hiking.

Other information
The Gamelposten restaurant has capacity for 85 diners and can accommodate weddings and larger parties, to be booked in advance. There is a pub and farm shop on the island. We can also help to find accommodation if guests would like to stay.

Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday in the summer season. Open for groups and announced opening hours as advertised during the year. All guests must book in advance.

Ten minute boat ride from Eidesvik (south of Bømlo).