Exclusive car holiday in Norway

It’s never been easier to put together an exciting and colourful holiday in Norway to meet your heart’s desire! De Historiske is now offering experiences that enable you to customise your own self drive holiday by adding on days at the start or end of one of our ready-made roadtrips. This means it’s entirely up to you how long your holiday will be and what you want it to include.

Perhaps you want to head to the fantastic Norwegian fjords, which each year attract travellers from all over the world with their breathtaking beauty. If so, we have many unique and lovely places to stay for you to choose from in this region. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the charming Telemark Canal or picturesque Hardanger with the dizzying rock formation called Trolltunga, the Troll’s Tongue? What about seeing unforgettable scenery on the Flåmsbana Line, considered one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys? Or maybe the time has come for a lighthouse holiday, which really lets you get close to the powerful and magnificent sea along Norway’s beautiful coast?

Whichever aspect of Norway you wish to experience, De Historiske offers you a wealth of possibilities to choose between. We have brought together some of the most impressive hotels and restaurants all over Norway, with hosts and settings that will make you want to stay a little longer! Among other things, many of our hotels boast world-class chefs, something that helps to take your experience to the next level.

Did you know, for example, that Ørjan Johannessen, winner of the world gastronomy contest Bocuse d’Or 2015, is based at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri in Austevoll, facing out to sea on an island in the far west of Hordaland County?

We hope to provide you with inspiration and ideas for your next holiday.

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