One of Norway’s oldest hotels

Imagine being able to holiday at a measured pace, and relax in a unique and distinctive environment, far from the stresses and strains of the city. There is a place to do just that at the heart of Hardanger.

Down by the ferry terminal in the tiny waterfront village Utne, surrounded by a charming garden with white picket fences and a stunning view of fjords and mountains, lies one of Norway’s oldest and best- preserved wooden hotels – Utne hotel.

At this hotel little moments become memorable, and a state of simple presence and beingness is in the air. The quintessential feeling of idyllic grandmother nostalgia hits you as soon as you touch the door handle. It is like coming home. Here you are welcomed with a warm and genuine smile.

With nearly 300 years of history embedded in its walls the hotel tells a tale of strong women and hostesses who have generously cared for and about their guests and their tiny village for centuries.

Put away your mobile phone and look your companions in the eyes. Be present here and now and treasure every second. Perhaps accompanied by a glass of sparkling cider.

The hotel also offer cider tasting every evening at 18:00 pm in the cider cellar. Here they will serve tasty drops of cider from some of the many fruit and cider producers in Hardanger as well as the history behind the local cider production.