Charming stories

Historic Hotels
Our hotels are not ”ordinary” hotels. They are landed estates, country houses, manors, large and small timber-built hotels in pseudo-Swiss and Jugend (Art Nouveau) style, old coaching inns and many more historic buildings that have been transformed into beautiful, small, romantic hotels. This, and the passion we feel about our role as hosts, is what primarily characterises De Historiske! A stay at one of our hotels is above all about giving you a warm, personal and welcoming experience in an atmosphere of real quality where the focus is always on the guest.

We offer fine cuisine based on the very best ingredients, vintage wines from our wine cellars, original artworks on the walls, cultural experiences of the highest quality, interiors and decorations based on long traditions, first-class service and comfort, exciting history, a romantic atmosphere, peace and quiet, spa treatments, golf and much, much more. Our hotels represent much more than a comfortable bed and a good meal: first and foremost we represent a rich diversity of experiences and activities, both indoors and outdoors. Your challenge is to choose something you don’t want to miss! No matter what you choose, we will always do our best to make you feel that this is ”a good place to be”.

Hidden gems
De Historiske has a number of smaller gems tucked away in rural areas and deep in Fjord Norway. As with our hotels, restaurants and ships, each one is characterised by De Historiske’s values and a strong sense of history embodied in the decor, art and interiors. Our historical gems boast a warm and authentic atmosphere, and like all our properties strive to make a lasting impression on their guests. You can be assured of warm and friendly service with the personal touch. The hospitality and ambience make it easy to feel at home, and you will probably want to come back again!

The journey to these small gems in the beautiful Norwegian countryside is an experience in itself, setting the right mood on the way to your destination. Not only will you have the opportunity to spend time in places that offer culinary delights, peace and quiet, and exciting history, but you will also experience a journey that includes magnificent scenery, narrow, winding roads, relaxing ferry trips, high mountain passes and sea-green fjords.

Take your time when visiting our gems, and enjoy exquisite locally sourced food with perhaps a local beer or fine wines. A wide choice of exciting activities and experiences awaits you right on the doorstep, with mountains and fjords, rivers and waterfalls, museums and shops, places to visit and cultural attractions.

Historic restaurants
Norwegian food traditions are deeply rooted in Norwegian culture, to this very day. The challenge is to find these gastronomic experiences outside the Norwegian home. Accordingly, we offer a concept designed to highlight historic restaurants in Norway. The Historic Restaurants group is constantly increasing its membership.

It will be reassuring to know that the restaurant radiates an atmosphere of ”a good place to be”, and sets a high standard in terms of service and quality. Our main objective is to fulfil your expectations that the meal should be an experience. Accordingly, the Historic Restaurants are bent on providing you with a unique food and wine experience provided by an enthusiastic staff possessing sound gastronomic knowledge. Our intention is to leave you with such a deep impression that you spread the word of your enjoyment to a wider audience.

Historic Ships
Enjoy a culture-historical journey on our historic ships, with its own traditions and an elegance, ambience and sense of well-being on board reminiscent of a bygone age. Our ships boast all the historical refinements including authentic wooden decking, mahogany fittings, gilt-framed mirrors and brass lamps. The stylish uniforms worn by our crews hark back to a time when a journey was about more than simply getting from one place to another.

Delicious meals and drinks are served by our dedicated crews, with a standard of service that provides the finishing touch.