Glacier walking at Blåisen and Rallarvegen bicycle trip from Finse to Flåm

Spend the summer by the mountains and experience the best Finse has to offer: From high mountains and glaciers to the beautiful fjord. Go on a day trip to the glacier Blåisen ("The Blue Ice") and ride down Rallarvegen the next day.

Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier on Norway's mainland. The area is approximately 73 km² and the highest point on the glacier is 1,863 m. The glacier has several glacier arms, of which Blåisen and Midtdalsbreen (east towards Finse) and Rembesdalskåka (west towards Simadalen) are most known. Jøklagutane takes you on a guided boarding trip to the glacier arm Blåisen.

Cycling Rallarvegen is a beautiful bike ride in the countryside, from the mountains to to fjord. The bike ride from Finse to Flåm is 57 km and you cycle along glaciers, mountain lakes and streams in a typical Norwegian mountain scenery. The tour ends in the village of Flåm with a characteristic west coast nature where waterfalls and steep mountains plunge into the Aurlandsfjord. 

Day 1: 

· Arrival during the day (take a little mountain walk near Finse if you have time and opportunity)
· Three course dinner in the restaurant of the Hotel Finse 1222

Day 2:

· A good breakfast in the restaurant before the glacier tour starts.
· Guided tour (6-7 hours trip) with Jøklagutane
· Three-course dinner at Finse 1222

Day 3:

· A good breakfast in the restaurant before the cycling trip.
· Cycle trip from Finse and down to the fjord in Flåm (a possible stop at Myrdal)