Winter magic at its finest!

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the snow-covered landscapes of Rørosvidda and immerse yourself in the joy of gliding through the terrain behind an eager team of sled dogs.

The excitement is palpable as the dogs eagerly prepare in their harnesses, but the true magic unfolds as the sleds depart from the farm. A serene hush descends, focusing attention on the unique interplay between dog and human in complete concentration.

Our adventure begins in the dog yard, where we dedicate ample time to preparing the sled dogs for the excursion. Providing a thorough introduction to dog sledding, we explain the process of harnessing the dogs. The atmosphere is vibrant and positive as the dogs get ready in the harness. Yet, as the sleds depart the farm, a truly enchanting transformation takes place. Silence prevails, and all focus centers on the intense interaction between dog and human. Back in the dog yard, we release the dogs to roam freely in the play area. Together, we reflect on the day's adventure, ensuring our four-legged friends receive their well-deserved share of love and attention.

No prior knowledge of dog sledding is required to partake in this tour. We meticulously select the route based on weather and trail conditions, ensuring the optimal experience for you.

Dogsledding package includes:

❄️ An exhilarating 3-hour dog sledding adventure through Rørosvidda
❄️ Accommodation with a delightful breakfast at Røros Hotell