Fortress cruise on the Oslo fjord

Saturdays and Sundays from Oslo to Oscarsborg/Drøbak

A fjord cruise back in history

Join a scenic fjord cruise that takes you from Oslo through the beautiful Oslo fjord!

See Oslo from a new perspective and discover the scenic Oslo fjord on a comfortable and environmentally friendly fjord cruise on board electrical Legacy of The Fjords. 

Saturdays and Sundays, the beautiful catamaran sails quietly past idyllic coastal towns and picturesque harbors before arriving at Oscarsborg - one of the most central memorials in Norway from World War II.

Due to the island’s place in the narrowest part of the Oslo fjord, it was a natural location for a naval defence of Oslo. The first defence was constructed as early as the mid 17th century, while the fortress which stands today was finished in 1853. The fortress is best known for sinking Nazi-Germany's heavy cruiser Blücher, on the morning of 9th April 1940. The last military operations ended in 2002 and the island and fortress now function as museum and hotel open for visitors.

Visit the museums to learn more about the interesting history or enjoy the large recreation areas and parks. You can also choose to stay on board or get on the ferry at Oscarsborg and explore the small city of Drøbak. 
Choose between the following round trips:
· Fortress cruise from Oslo to Oscarsborg or Drøbak (Saturdays and Sundays)
· Fortress cruise with lunch at Oscarsborg (Saturdays and Sundays)
· Fortress cruise with dinner and accommodation at Oscarsborg Castle from Saturday to Sunday
· Fjord cruise on the Oslo fjord (Daily departures)


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