Famous beyond Norway

The beautiful view over the Nærøy Valley, from Stalheim Hotel, has for nearly 200 years been one of the highlights in many a traveller's visit to Western Norway.  Many artists, painters and poets, both famous and not so famous, have through the years found inspiration to great works of art in this dramatic but at the same time harmonic landscape, and it is our hope that also you will find inspiration to your own next work of art here at Stalheim.

The hospitality traditions at Stalheim are long and good; it had its beginning in 1647 when the Danish/Norwegian king decided to open up a mail route between Bergen and Oslo and the Stalheim farm became on of the many mail farms along route.  These mail farms quite soon became places where travellers following the mail route would stop for a rest and something to eat. By 1750 there were so many travellers stopping at  Stalheim asking for a bed and a meal that the farmer at Stalheim decided to build a separate inn to accommodate and dine the travellers – this inn is now one of attractions of the Stalheim Folk Museum.

The first hotel with about 20 beds at was opened on May 15th 1885, but obviously this was a hotel at the right place; after only 10 years in business the Stalheim Hotel could boast of 160 beds, nice restaurants and a reputation as one of the finest country hotels in the Norway.

A lot of things have changed since the first days, but the Tønneberg family, today’s hosts at Stalheim, feel the same obligation to their guests as the old innkeeper felt; greet the traveller in a warm and hospitable atmosphere, and provide good food and at the end of the day a comfortable bed. Today’s Stalheim Hotel with Mrs Ingrid Tønneberg as manager has for obvious reasons chosen “nature and culture“ as a profile for the hotel.