An idyllic location by Selbusjøen lake

The property of Havernesset in Selbu has been the site of business activity since around 1850. It was built for the merchant Fredrik Birch, who established a trading post in 1850 with the assent of King Oscar I.

Selbusjøen Hotell & Gjestegård opened its doors in 1988, and we are working constantly to develop and further improve the venue, and nurture its history. We are conscious of our cultural heritage and want to preserve all that is historic and authentic, such that the hotel is a good place to be.

Selbu is widely known for its knitting traditions, and there are good opportunities for trout fishing and walks on signposted trails. The hotel enjoys an idyllic location by Selbusjøen lake, close to county road 705 that links the E6 to the Røros region. It is also conveniently located for Trondheim Airport, Værnes.