From coast to glacier

Welcome to Sunnhordland

Explore both the sea and the glacier in one day

There is something fresh and authentic about the region of Sunnhordland. Magnificent, snow-capped mountains, a myriad of tiny and larger islands sheltering the land from the ocean – a perfect area for outdoor adventures.

In Sunnhordland, you can explore both the sea and glacier on one day. You can go cycling, walking, running, climbing, canoeing, rowing, sailing, fishing, diving in some of the most spectacular scenery you could imagine. Or you could choose full relaxation in the beautiful rose-filled gardens of the Barony in Rosendal.

On a visit to Rosendal, you cannot fail to notice the two magnificent peaks, Melderskin (1,426 metres) and Malmangernuten (890 metres) that tower over the beautiful village. They are just begging to be climbed. Both peaks are challenging, somewhere between difficult to very difficult.

Make sure you have plenty of food and drink with you in your rucksack. Luckily, good food and drink are in abundance here. The whole region has a bounty of local delicacies and produce including seafood, wild lamb, venison, wild garlic and raspberries. You can also enjoy meals prepared by international award-winning chefs. Both Geir Skeie and Ørjan Johannessen have highly renowned restaurants on the islands of Stord and Bekkjarvik, Austevoll respectively.

Whether you are travelling by boat, car or camper van, you will be met with a warm welcome. Finding a roof over your head is easy with the region's wide selection of idyllic hotels and guesthouses in Austevoll, Bømlo, Fitjar, Stord, Kvinnherad, Sveio, Tysnes and Etne.

Have a wonderful stay in Sunnhordland!