Visit our historic ship!

MS Riskafjord II was built in 1864 and used as a border guard during World War I. In 1927, the steamboat (at that time called 'Olava of Halden') was purchased by Riskafjord AS at Hommersåk in Rogaland. Here it went into traffic under its current name, and in 1950 it was rebuilt. From 1997, the boat has only been used as a charter.

In the summer of 2019, the boat started - in collaboration with Kronen Gaard Hotell - a Lysefjord cruise from Bakernes Paradis and out in the fantastic Lysefjord to the Pulpit Rock. The cruise is now available every Sunday from May to September, and a good selection of drinks and simple food is served on the boat. 

Combining your trip with lunch at Bakernes and accommodation with dinner at the historic Kronen Gaard Hotel is surely a unique experience.