Welcome to Ringnes Farm!

Ringnes Farm is one of Norway's oldest medieval farms that has been in family heritage for over 700 years.

The farm offers a unique historical experience combined with state-of-the-art facilities and unique, local flavors in scenic surroundings. Located only 90 minutes from Oslo, the farm proves that a central location goes nicely together with a calm and unspoilt nature.

At Ringnes Farm you will also find exciting tasting experiences, sustainable and local food. The kitchen and service personnel have experience from five-star hotels and high standards regarding food and service. The kitchen serves first-class quality dishes where the ingredients often come straight from the farm's own forest. The local area offers many unique flavors such as mushrooms, plants and wild herbs. Creative utilization of local resources provides exciting and unique tasting experiences. The chef makes vinegar from dandelion, pickles pears, fermented lemons, and a lovely birch syrup.

The old outdoor toilets on the farm have been completely renovated and converted into a great pub, with a large selection from local breweries.