Cooking class in a world champion’s kitchen!

Bekkjarvik are proud of their chefs, Ørjan and Arnt Johannessen, who both have the highest honours for their achievements within the culinary profession. Ørjan with his gold medal in Bocuse d’Or in Lyon in 2015 and Arnt with the highest recognition given by Norges Kokkmesteres Landsforening (the Norwegian Chefs Association): Årets Kjøkkensjef (Chef of the Year) 2014.

In 2015 Ørjan Johannessen won the gastronomic world championship in Bocuse d´Or in Lyon in France. He was the fifth Norwegian chef to be awarded the gold medal in the contest and subsequently put the tiny village Bekkjarvik firmly on the map.

At Bekkjarvik they offer the chance to cook and prepare today's three-course dinner under the expert guidance by the chefs for a price from 750 NOK per person. A glass of Prosecco is included. Dinner is sold seperately.

If you want to have Bocuse d´Or Lyon winner Ørjan Johannessen as an instructor, the hotel is happy to arrange it, provided that there is free capacity. The price here is from NOK 1500 per person. Dinner is sold seperately.

Contact us directly for booking.

Wine tasting
Highly qualified sommeliers will guide you through a journey of wine tasting from various countries and wine districts. Here you are invited to an enjoyable and pleasant learning experience in the barn (Løo) with the chance to receive a guided tour of the impressive wine cellar.

The hotel also proudly present and serve Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri’s red and white wines from Piemonte with their own logo as well as the house prosecco from Valdobbiadene.