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Dalen is a fairytale hotel, built in sumptuous romantic style with dragon heads, turrets and spires, balconies, projections and cornices.

The hotel has retained its grandeur and ‘soul’ and is virtually the same as when the original timber “palace” was opened in 1894, in the days when royalty and the European aristocracy frequented the town.

Find a comfortable seat and soak up the atmosphere of the central hall – the heart of the hotel – with its magnificent stained-glass painting towering ten metres above you. Large areas of parkland open up looking eastwards towards the Bandak inland fjord. The mountainsides rise perpendicular to the north, south and west.

From May to September the canal boats ‘Victoria’ and ‘Henrik Ibsen’ ply the Telemark Canal and Bandak between Skien and Dalen.

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Telemark Canal

May 18th - Sep 21st

A wonderful historical journey through time and space.

Price from NOK 2995,-

Canal cruise with the King of Telemark

May 18th - Sep 21st

Canal Cruise with the King of Telemark Canal M/S Henrik Ibsen from Lunde to Dalen

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3880 Dalen i Telemark
Tlf + 47 35 07 90 00
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  • 230 km from Oslo